The 8th International Conference on Molecular Imprinting hosted by Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China, has been demonstrated a great success (19-21 Sept 2014;! The congress was the 8th one of its kind sponsored by the Society of Molecular Imprinting.

The scientific program has involved 170-plus participants, 80 full manuscripts and ca.120 abstracts from across the world. The opening ceremony was chaired by Prof. Songjun Li (President, the Chinese Advanced Materials Society) and Dr. Michael J Whitcombe (President, the Society of Molecular Imprinting; University of Leicester, UK), with the opening remarks by Prof. Sergey Piletsky (Secretary-general, the International Union of Advanced Materials; University of Leicester, UK), Prof. Karsten Haupt (vice-President, the Society of Molecular Imprinting; Compiègne University of Technology, France), Prof. Börje Sellergren (vice-President, the Society of Molecular Imprinting; Malmö University, Sweden), and Prof. Kenneth J. Shea (former president, the Society of Molecular Imprinting; University of California in Irvine, USA). The welcome address was delivered by Prof. Shouqi Yuan (president, Jiangsu University), along with the conference introduction by Prof. Xiaonong Cheng (vice president, Jiangsu University).

The conference has been jointly organized by Jiangsu University, the Society of Molecular Imprinting, International Union of Advanced Materials, Chinese Advanced Materials Society, Wanfang Database, and China National Knowledge Infrastructure. The host Jiangsu University has played an important role in helping run the organizing of this congress. The close cooperation between the host and other joint organizers has made feasible the completion of this conference. The supporting journals from the prestigious Wiley-VCH, Springer, and Taylor & Francis have covered the conference manuscripts. The Wanfang Data and China National Knowledge Infrastructure will index the conference abstracts.

The conference site Zhenjiang is well known as the famous humanistic city in east China, which holds a 2500-year's history and has a splendid humanistic environment. The Jinshan Temple, a site originating the white-snake fairy tale, has received tourists as many as more than 400 million in the past decade. Many of tourists have left their tears behind when recalling the memory of the beautiful white-snake story. Some of them have also temporarily written their names in the inner wall of the template, in order to pay memorable tribute to their gods imagined and to envision a better perspective.

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