1. Title 1: Degradation of the organotin polyether derived from dibutyltin dichloride and hydroxyl-capped poly(ethylene glycol) in trypsin and evaluation of trypsin activity employing light scattering photometry and gel electrophoresis

    Authors: Charles E. Carraher Jr., Girish Barot, Stefan W. Vetter, Gauri Nayak & Michael R. Roner

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  2. Title 2: Development of deflection-hardening geopolymer-based ductile fibre reinforced cementitious composites

    Authors: S. F.U. Ahmed & Y. Y. Lu

    Pages: 7-20 Download full text


  3. Title 3: A brief review of graphene–metal oxide composites synthesis and applications in photocatalysis

    Authors: Changyuan Hu, Tiewen Lu, Fei Chen & Rongbin Zhang

    Pages: 21-39 Download full text


  4. Title 4: Preparation and electrochemical properties of Al/Pb-PANI-WC composite inert anodes

    Authors: Ruidong Xu, Yongyong Guan, Hansen Chen, Liping Huang & Peng Zhan

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  5. Title 5: Hierarchical materials originated from mesoporous MCF material and Beta zeolite nanoparticles – synthesis and catalytic activity in N2O decomposition

    Authors: Małgorzta Rutkowska, Lucjan Chmielarz, Daniel Macina, Barbara Dudek, Cynthia Van Oers & Pegie Cool

    Pages 48-55 Download full text


  6. Title 6: Water-soluble, high-quality ZnSe@ZnS core/shell structure nanocrystals

    Authors: Yongling Ding, Huadong Sun, Dong Liu, Futian Liu, Dongzhi Wang & Qinghui Jiang

    Pages: 56-64 Download full text


  7. Title 7: Synthesis, structural characterization, and ability to inhibit the growth of pancreatic cancer by organotin polymers containing chelidonic acid

    Authors: Charles E. Carraher Jr., Marian Ayoub, Michael R. Roner, Alisa Moric & Nancy T. Trang

    Pages: 65-73 Download full text


  8. Title 8: Oxide ionic conductivity properties of binary δ-(Bi2O3)1 − x (Yb2O3) x system

    Authors: Nilgun Ozpozan Kalaycioglu, Esra Öztürk & Serkan Dayan

    Pages: 74-80 Download full text